Help NeededBy: Nicole ColbergChange the life of albino animals/people and their families!How would you like to live with vision problems, no color in your hair or skin, and maybe red eyes? People with albinism suffer from this everyday. Albinism is inherited through parents and can not be spread like colds. One parent must have it or both parents need to be carriers for their children to have albinism. Albinism takes out some or all of the pigment in your body, so albino people typically have blond hair and pale skin. Some other common characteristics of albino people and animals include red eyes, being blind, and easily sun burned skin.Albinism not only affects humans but plants and animals too. A cure for albinism is being searched for, but there are lots of little things that can be done right now to help. Because being partially blind is common, but not fixable with glasses, large print books are extremely useful. Special clothes to block out uv rays are also made to decrease the chance of sun burn and skin cancer. Although albinism does not affect a persons life span, researchers are still looking for a permanent cure. Jeremy Reed, in the movie Powder, was known for his super white skin and red eyes that he got because of albinism. Albinism is rare and only every 1 in 17000 people have it. No one wants to be the one person with it, but if they do they want to fit in. With your donation we can work toward an end to albinism.
Donate money to bring a end to albinism
albino.jpgremote_image_16891_0.jpgCurrent ResearchCurrent research has helped discover eye surgery that improves eyesight andclothes to block out uv rays. This means people can go outside for longer without getting skin cancer. Another helpful thing is NOAH (one of many research sites for albinism) which raises money for albino children to go to school. NOAH educates people about albinism and about their life styles. Help better the life of kids with albinism now and in the future.Donate $10 to $100,000 to help albino people at NOAH(National Organization for Albinism and Hypo-pigmentation)
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